About Us
With an office in Phoenix, AZ, iStartus web design service was founded by two students from Eastern Illinois University . iStartus web design service engineers and consultants are seasoned and highly skilled professionals offering nation-wide application development, technical support, and software customization. Using the economical resources and manpower, we have the ability to transfer the lowest price to our esteemed clients while still providing them the same standard and quality that is available at much higher premium within the U.S.
Who we are?
Mike Sajid
Chief Keeper Upper
Before Mike got eaten by the Web he studied Business ( MBA ) and worked in management support at a American Express. With this background, he quickly understands the demands of sophisticated clients and knows how to translate the fiercest business challenges into Web platforms. Mike guides our team and makes sure everybody is comfortable and fully focused on conversion!
Mir Zahid
Managing Director
Mir is our organizational talent so naturally, we’ll let him take the lead when it comes to managing the web projects. He’ll probably be your first contact when you come to iStartus LLC and he will most likely hand you the keys once your new Web home is ready! Before iStartus, he worked as an online marketing professional for an international leather company.
Andy Smith
Head Technology
Don’t let his youngish appearance fool you. Andy IT Kung Fu surpasses that of many elders of the trade with ease! Be it designing or programming, setting up scalable server infrastructures or simply giving easy-to-understand IT support, it all seems to come natural to Andy. He leads the iStartus Department and will make sure that all of your wishes become a virtual reality!
Steve Kreiger
Senior Project Manager
Steve unlocks the $$$ from Web projects by helping our clients implement revolutionary strategies to harness the power of the Internet. Building long term value and deep customer relationships in the new web universe is his thing. Previously Steve has worked for several online start-ups following a consulting career spanning ten years in the security industries.
Gina Saldana
The Smartist
Gina is an incredibly gifted Designer and Usability Expert with an eye for the creative nuances. No doubt, she knows what our clients want. With her Photoshop tools she conjures up magical websites in no time and never loses sight of one pixel. Before Gina became part of iStartus team, she had worked for Bank of America Phoenix AZ.
Who Next?
Could it be you?
We always appreciate good unsolicited applications from talented and interested people. Please also keep an eye on our jobs page where we post our open positions. Maybe you are the right next team member to join iStartus!